Allow me to re-introduce myself – Max Shotta’s blog (Take 3)

I’m back baby. The roller coaster ride that is this blog rolls on, despite life trying its level best to keep me in check. In case you weren’t aware, a lot of changes have happened in and around my life in the last 6 months that have slowed my grind significantly. I made a permanent move from Auckland to Melbourne. I’ve been crashing on my brother’s couch since moving here, living in tight confines in an environment that includes my 4 month old nephew. I started a 9-5 about 3 months ago, working in a high pressure role that has been taxing on all fronts. In the midst of all the changes, the most exciting thing is that I have been back working with the brother Hlats on a consistent basis.


No complaints, and definitely NO EXCUSES

The intro to this post can easily be construed as a whole lot of whinging, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a very challenging period and I’ve found myself being tested more than I had anticipated. When I made the decision to leave New Zealand, I wrote a roadmap of how I saw the first year in Aussie panning out. It was virtually a monthly breakdown of goals I intended to knock off and I was super optimistic. Needless to say, things haven’t quite panned out to my expectation. There is a bright side to this story though, allow me to elaborate.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, so the saying goes

It’s easy to dismiss my first six months in Melbourne as a failure, based on my lofty expectations. That would be completely missing the point though, and quite frankly I’d be selling myself well short. Though I had a clear vision of how I wanted things to pan out, the universe had a plan of how things needed to unfold. I really need to outline that in the six months since arriving here, I have achieved quite a fair bit. Correction, we (Shottaz) have achieved a lot in this short period of time. We have made some important connections, which I don’t think would have been made if I stuck to my rigid plan. We have also created loads of new music that we are genuinely excited to share with the world. And most importantly, I have been able to create a bond with my nephew, precious times indeed.

Progress is a must, keeping this blog alive

Now that I have found my groove out here in Melbourne, I think it’s time to get back on this blog grind. Before I get into it, I feel it necessary to add a soul to this blog. Up until now, I don’t think I’ve declared the purpose of this little corner of the internet that I am pitching my proverbial tent. Well in case you’re wondering, the reason behind this blog is to provide me with an outlet to share my thoughts about being a creative in such a competitive environment. If you’ve read any of my early posts, you’ll have noticed that I share learnings from the many experiences I have encountered along my musical journey. The main idea is to give insight, to other creatives, about scenarios that they may or may not have already experienced. If they are familiar with the experiences, the hope is that a dialogue can be created where we share perspectives and grow together. For the creatives starting out, the aim is give them a leg up where they have knowledge of said situations and scenarios ahead of time. I aim to keep the information as generic as possible to ensure that any readers that aren’t creatives can still follow and relate. Through this blog, you’ll get to know me a bit more intimately, find out what makes me tick, what inspires me, my frustrations, and my vulnerabilities. I also aim to share some content from other creatives that inspire me, the intention being to pay homage to said creatives for their direct/indirect input in my life. Check out the piece I’ve already done on Unchained XL. Now that I’ve reintroduced the blog let’s vibe together, it’s bound to be super fun.


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