Clutching At Straws – A Curious Case Of Writer’s Block

Over the past month or so, I have used this blog as an outlet to express my views on creating music and it has been quite an interesting ride. On one hand, I have been forced to look at my musical journey from an objective perspective, which has been confronting at times. On the flip […]

Meeting Expectations – Doing it for the people that Count

Since I started working 9-5 in the corporate world, one thing has resonated with me from the very beginning. In my role, I have always had multiple stakeholders that rely on me for information and they always want it immediately. At first I got bogged down trying to impress my masters by pushing myself to […]

Dread Squad: We Can Do It All Day, We Can Do This All Night

“Hey, we’re spreading these vibes now the scene is about to catch on fire…Changing up the game one monster tune at a time, and I promise that we’re never gonna tire!!!!” — Lyrics from We Can Do This (off Focus mixtape) Over the past few weeks I have dealt with some seriously contrasting emotions, from […]