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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back for the umpteenth time. You would be forgiven for wondering if this is yet another fleeting run of posts before I go silent for another spell, but heck it feels great to be writing again. It’s been an interesting year with many highs and numerous lows, but all in all it’s been crazy good. In case you haven’t been keeping tabs, this year we’ve released a few tunes, hosted a couple of cool events, and are gearing up for what will be our biggest release to date. To kick off our 2nd half release schedule, I’m super stoked to share a sneak release with you all.

From rapper to toaster, growth is a must

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I started my music career as a rapper. From my very first recording, and through the Yung Shottaz era, I mostly rapped and would only utilise my dancehall toast from time to time. As time progressed, and as I continued to spar with the one like Hlats, I rapped less to focus on aligning my sound with the bro and uplifting my hook capabilities. This has resulted in a lot of people being surprised when they hear me rapping. Quite often, I often get hit with “you’re not so bad at rapping you know, have thought of taking it seriously?”. My response to this is a wry laugh, knowing that rapping is my default position. I like to compare myself to that Zimbabwean born kid that moves to a foreign country at a young age, picks up a foreign accent, and when he/she visits back home people marvel that the person can still speak the local language fluently. All this to say, I feel at home when rapping on a beat.

Hold up, I’m done yet we’re just getting started

This brings me to our sneak release, “I’m Done”. This is the first time I recorded a rap verse in years. (Sidenote: I was recently featured on Skinni’s hip hop tune “Murderers”, but we had already finished working on “I’m Done” by then). The weird thing about this tune is that Hlats came through with the demo, it’s weird because he’s the hardcore dancehall specialist in our crew so him jumping on a hip hop beat is just different. I remember hearing the demo and getting immediately drawn in by the concept. We recorded the song at a time in my life when I was going through a lot of personal turmoil. I had just got out of my most serious relationship, and I was in the process of mending some long standing differences with my family so you can imagine how emotionally stretched I was. At time, I was battling serious depression and extremely low levels of self esteem, all of which is very evident when you listen to my verse. I have stated to many people that creating music is a therapeutic process for me, and some of my best work has been created at tumultuous times in my life. My verse was practically a freestyle as I poured my heart into the tune. 

Listen Up

“I’m Done” is available on all streaming platforms. Listen to the song on your favourite music service. Watch this space for more sneak releases in the near future.

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