The Importance Of Preparation 2 – Ironing Out The Kinks

importance of preparationLast year I wrote a post about the importance of being prepared in the context of recording sessions. To jog your memory, I talked about session musicians, which are essentially hired guns. I pointed out the importance of preparation so that a session engineer’s time is not wasted. This post is a natural extension to last year’s post, but in this instance I discuss the importance of preparation for live performances. Rehearsing is something that a lot of new musicians don’t give enough attention to, which is a crime.

The back story

Back in the Yung Shottaz days we never used to rehearse. We thought rehearsing was a waste of time given how dope we were. By not preparing for live performances we essentially played Russian Roulette when we did the shows. Because we lacked preparation, you didn’t know which Yung Shottaz would show up at a gig. We had some memorable performances along the way, but we also had a few stinkers. I feel we could have had more great sets if we put in the adequate time preparing for the shows. I vividly remember a few sets which were out of sync and lacking energy. We would jump off stage and I would literally want the ground to swallow me whole. I can safely say that we only had ourselves to blame because we didn’t set ourselves up to win.

The success story

Fast forward a few years and I met a brother called Triplelan. If you don’t know who Trip is by now, I’d suggest you go ahead and check out our song together here. If you like that tune check out all his other videos, he has a new one titled “NZ Darling”. Trip showed me the true importance of rehearsing regularly. The bro and his band rehearse every week without fail, whether or not they have any gigs. When they have gigs, they ramp the frequency of rehearsals up to three times a week in the lead up. What that does for the band is incredible, anyone that has seen these guys at work will tell you they never miss a beat.

What I learned

I got to experience the intensity of Trip’s band when we did the Okedeo release, which was an awesome experience for myself. When Hlats and I were gigging in 2016 we started rehearsing for gigs but we’d only rehearse for a couple of weeks leading up to each gig. It worked wonders for us, but I can safely say that moving forward we will be using the Triplelan template.

2017 was a good year for the Shottaz musically. We released our first project in over 3 years, and we laid a solid foundation. Stepping into 2018, expect a pivotal year for the Shottaz given that we are in talks to lock down some really high profile gigs. Trust me, those of you that will get a chance to come check us out please don’t hesitate. Bring on 2018!!!!



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