New year tings – Let us talk resolutions


Greetings to all! If you’re reading this post, I trust you made it safely through the festive period and are geared up for a colossal 2019 like me. I can’t start this post without acknowledging the monster year that was 2018. For the Shottaz, last year was significant because we made some significant strides and laid a solid foundation for this year and beyond. On a personal level, I was able to seamlessly navigate a change in environment, moving from Auckland to Melbourne, and managed to make a few minor improvements in my life. That said, I’m never one to make a big deal about the festive season. Growing up in a devout Pentecostal christian family, Christmas was always a big deal in our household. However, my parents made it a point not to buy into the commercial side of the holiday, i.e. we never did gifts etc. My parents wanted to keep their focus on Christ, who’s birthday is being celebrated on the day. I took this into my adult life, and though I utilize the opportunity to catch up with friends and family, Christmas gradually became just another day to me. New Year’s Eve on the other hand is my kind of holiday, simply because I like a good party and NYE generally has the best events. What I never did get into, though, is the idea of setting resolutions for each incoming year. That was until a few years ago when I realized a point I had been missing all along.

A timely reminder to reevaluate things in life

The main reason I shunned the practice of setting resolutions was that I saw them as a waste of time. We all know the drill, December 31st arrives, you set a bunch of resolutions you intend to implement in the coming year, and start with a hiss and a roar. Less than a month into the year all those grand changes will have already fallen to the wayside, I’ve seen it time and again. I was of the thinking that you don’t need a special day set by society to implement changes in your life. I would argue with mates that when a person is ready to make changes in their life things will run their course naturally, why wait for the end of a year to make improvements in your life? Whilst this is very true, I was missing a certain point. New year isn’t necessarily a time when people HAVE to set resolutions, rather a good opportunity to evaluate where things are at in one’s life. Think of it as a reminder in your calendar to perform a certain task, in this case that task is self evaluation.

Bite sized changes – The art of not doing too much

When I finally decided to start participating in the practice of setting resolutions, I made an age old error. In the first year I set myself close to 10 extremely lofty goals that never got off the ground. It was immediately clear to me that I had bitten off much more than I could chew and I paid the price. I found it very demoralising to see every single resolution I set for myself that year end in epic failure. Lucky for me, I did not let that deter me from setting resolutions the following year. When I set my resolutions for that year, I decided to take on much less and made sure my expectations were not as grandiose. Unsurprisingly, that year was much better when it came to following through on the things I had given myself to work on. I realised that there was still much room for improvement, and have continued to simplify my resolutions each year until I found my sweet spot. I found that breaking down my resolutions into small achievable goals was the best approach for me, and have suggested the same to people i have had this conversation with since then.

Looking forward to 2019, and beyond

Given the huge year we have just seen off, I am anticipating a much bigger year in 2019. From a Shottaz perspective, we have quite a few big things on the horizon from big tunes to massive shows. It’s really encouraging that we achieved most of the big goals we set for ourselves last year. I’m excited when looking forward to the next phase of our journey. We have a number of amazing collaborations lined up, and we keep exploring different sounds that you can look forward to hearing this year. With regards to our live performances, we have started upgrading our live set by adding a few elements that we haven’t utilised as of yet. I can confidently say things are really looking up for us on the music side of things. Before I sign off, I just want to acknowledge everyone that has taken the time to engage with my posts on a weekly basis. I have witnessed a slow and steady growth in readership and that’s beyond humbling. I wish you all the very best in 2019, I hope you achieve all your goals.

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