SB.Shottaz Vol.2 New Beginningz in a Dub Den

SB.Shottaz Vol.2 cover art

Back for round two & twice as nice. SB.Shottaz return to the Dub Den to continue their quest into the sub-realms of Jamaican Bass. Two MC’s, Max & Hlats of The Shottaz, alongside Sandy Bay’s own, Ed G, in the mix.

Between the three combined, SB.Shottaz rack up nearly 50 years of experience in doing what they do to nice up a dance. New BeginningZ (in a Dub Den) sets a sound foundation down to continue future adventures, leaving no rocks (or stones) unturned, musical horizons continue to broaden with all things gathered in to the mix.So much respect going out to the original tru skool artists we draw our sound from, SB.Shottaz step forward in a style a little way different, opening doors to freshen the air and keep the vibes alive for another generation to follow.

Speaking of, mad respect going out to special guests, next generation Young Shottaz, The Hlatywayo BV’s, ya maaad! This mixtape is one you’ll want on repeat to help you thru your week for sure.

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