Wrapping Up – Twenty Eighteen

As the year that is 2018 comes to a close, I personally have a lot to reflect on. From starting a new chapter in a different environment, to continuing on a musical path that was set 2 years prior, it has been an action packed year to say the least. Like any other year, it […]

Building Connections – The Power Of Networking

Growing up, my mother used to always use the well known phrase “No man is an island” and from early on I grasped the essence of this statement. In life, we sometimes fall into a trap of trying to take on too much without seeking assistance. Unfortunately for me, I am not an exception when […]

Lessons Learned – Gig Vibes

Last weekend kicked off a busy little period for the Shottaz. We have a few gigs lined up every weekend for the next month, and we have a big double release just around the corner. What this means is that we have been working hard for the last 2 months to ensure we are well […]

Laying down a solid foundation – Building a strong structure

It’s been a busy couple of months in the Shottaz camp and I can’t stress enough how thrilling it has been seeing some of our music hit the streets. We have been working diligently for the last 2 years to set ourselves up for what you’ll be seeing us deliver in the near and distant […]

Artist Spotlight – Triplelan

Artist Spotlight returns with an interview with yet another African artist making waves in the New Zealand music scene. Triplelan has been making waves for a couple of years with his unique afrobeat/afropop sound. With an ear for catch melodies, and an excellently produced sound, the Uganda raised Congolese artist is a breath of fresh […]