Shottaz – Beef

Check out our latest tune Beef. Released 18th September 2020

Beef is a contemplative song about friendships gone sour, performed by Melbourne’s frontline Dancehall crew Shottaz. Everyone has experienced this at some point in their life, having a close friend switch up on them and becoming a foe overnight. The Shottaz explore this aspect of life by taking on a first person POV and questioning someone they cared about why their friendship deteriorated. Max Shotta states “We’ve all had that situation in life whereby a friendship turns sour, and you’re left scratching your head as to what really caused the fall out”. In Beef, the Shottaz are basically questioning that person why the relationship went south, asking what the beef is.

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Shottaz – Sickness (prod. Grafta)

Checkn out our latest single “Sickness” – Produced by Grafta

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Zodom Area are happy to share the release of Shottaz new song titled “Sickness”. The song is produced, mixed and mastered by Toronto based Kiwi producer Grafta. Having worked together on several projects in the mid-2000s, the crew is super excited to be reunited with the talented producer over a decade later. The song has a dark hardcore dancehall backdrop, which perfectly marries with the concept of the song. Subtly pointing out general hate and other microaggressions that come as part of life, the Shottaz discuss how they regularly have to brush things off and keep moving.