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Last week I wrote about patience and highlighted how it contributes to success. Another key component to achieving success is hard work. In order to achieve your goals, it’s important to ensure that you work hard throughout your process. Floyd Mayweather Jr, a great athlete of our time, immortalised the phrase “Hard Work, Dedication”. This is a catch phrase, no doubt, but its essence can never be understated. People often complain to me about not getting what they expect out of their grind. When I probe them about steps they take in pursuit of their goals, most of them clearly lack dedication. In my own journey, I have found that half my success can be attributed to being dedicated to my cause. Hard work is one thing, but dedication completes the cypher. In this post I explore this concept and how implementing it can reap great rewards.


The lazy guy never wins, EVER!

If you were to sit down and have a discussion with my high school teachers, one theme immediately becomes apparent. If I had a dollar for each time I was told I had potential with the absence of dedication, I would be extremely rich. Simply put, I was a lazy individual throughout high school. I was that student that would scrape through every test/exam without applying myself. I passed, no doubt, but I seldom achieved stellar grades. Needless to say, this used to frustrate my parents to no end. I was confronted by the need to work hard, and truly apply myself, in my first year of university. I tried my high school approach of just scraping by with little to no application, and I earned myself a date with summer school. I’m glad I learned that lesson early.


A lot of blood, bucketloads of sweat, and a fountain of tears…That’s the formula

After my first round of summer school, I adopted a diligent approach to my studies. I would apply a significant amount of my precious time to studying. I attended all my lectures and labs (sober), and religiously participated in study groups. The fruits of my labour were immediately apparent as my grades hit the roof. Around this time I met a producer who had the same approach to his music, codename Amin Payne. Over the 2 year period we worked together, I learned a lot about being diligent in the creation process. This was a guy who had a computer science degree, yet he hadn’t spent a single day in an office. He worked in hospo to support himself, and used all his extra time to create. The Yung Shottaz can attribute our very first release to Payne. Up to this day I look up to his grind, here’s why.


When the going gets tough, WORK HARDER!!!

Based on the formula of working overtime on the creation process, I can boast a number of self released projects along the years. I was able to take my learnings from uni, and my time working with the likes of Amin Payne, to ensure I made the most of my time. It’s safe to say that hard work is the root of all my successful endeavours. It helps that I have many  experiences to draw from, which drive me to keep focused throughout my processes. There have been times when I have been right at my limit, close to being burnt out, but I have been able to dig deep and push harder. The ability to stay focused on my goals, and diligently work hard towards achieving them has been the difference.


I mentioned earlier that the essence of the phrase, “Hard Work, Dedication”, can never be understated. It doesn’t matter what your grind is, it is folly to think you can achieve success without applying yourself. I realise that success is subjective, and different people will have their own definition of success (see my next post). The one takeaway from this particular post, though, is you have to put in the hard yards if you expect to reap benefits. I know the idea of working hard, overtime even, falls under the “easier said” category but that doesn’t make it less relevant. Nuff said.

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